Verse 1:
When the whole world's there to see
You and your abnormality
And your inner freak has been set free
You're a Cheeky Monkey

Verse 2:
You wear your weirdness on your sleeve
And do things others don't believe
You know the real world can't conceive
That you're a Cheeky Monkey

Unfurl your freak flag, and raise it up high
And as you perform you'll hear them all holler "why?"
But you never care because you know who you are
If strange was the norm then you'd be a star.
Cause you're a Cheeky Monkey (aah ooh)
You're a cheeky monkey (aah ooh)

Verse 3:
So if you don't know where to go
Come to the neighborhood sideshow
There's a whole new world to know
For a Cheeky Monkey