Stephon Walker is Swami YoMahmi

Mr. Eon, the Magician (Steve Wannall)

A graduate of St. Mary's College with a BA in Dramatic Arts, Steve has been with the Cheeky Monkey Sideshow from the start. He has performed at the nationally acclaimed Imagination Stage in more than thirty shows, and is a regular performer at the MD Renaissance Festival in the hit comedy troupe Shakespeare's Skum.
In addition to several motion picture and television appearances, Steve has performed in such places as The Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, Dusseldorf Germany, and all over the United States. He is a founding member of the original Open Circle Theatre company, the hit improv comedy troupe, Last Ham Standing, the magic duo, The Pickled Punks, (with Stephon Walker), the music duo, Predictable Funk, and the percussion band, Drum Runners. He wants everyone to know, he is not really psychic...just paying attention.